Preparation For an Extension

There’s a lot to think of when you’re preparing an extension for your house, however something that should be at the top of your order of business is organising your bifold doors. Your extension will look a lot more roomy, airy and brilliant with beautiful bifold doors– both for the internal and external doors. Here’s what you need to know about stunning bifold doors.

How to prepare a house extension – picking the right doors

Bifold doors are an excellent choice for extensions as they open up your home magnificently, developing the sensation of loads of area, whether they’re open or closed. When the bifold doors are open, the panels fold away nicely on themselves so that the two areas circulation into one; when they’re closed, the floor-to-ceiling glass makes the entire area feel linked.

Bifold doors can be suitable for both the internal and external doors in your extension. The advantages of having internal bifold doors is that they allow you to open the home (and close the extension off once again) immediately. When the doors are open, your family or visitors can flow quickly into and out of the extension, as if it were just another part of the space. They likewise don’t require much flooring location, which is ideal for homeowners who need to conserve area.

For external doors, the bifold design is an actually popular alternative, as it makes the outdoor area seem like part of the extension. The big areas of glass provide you with unobstructed views of your garden, both when the windows are open and when they’re closed, and basically bring the outside in. Bifold doors really enter into their own in the summer season, where you can being in your extension with the doors flung open, enjoying the waves of fresh air and heat flowing in through your large doors (without any chance of the doors rattling or slamming in the breeze!). With bifold doors, you can enhance the look of your extension, developing a roomy and bright location that also occurs to be tremendously practical!

Picking your bifold doors

You can customise your bifold doors to suit your individual preferences and design. Whether you desire aluminium or uPVC frames, a wood grain or metallic finish, and standard double-glazing or acoustic glass, it depends on you– your bifold doors will be entirely bespoke.

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My name is Eric and I am the assistant manager of a small local shop. This Christmas was my first time being in charge of the shop with my manager and the owner being out of reach (they both went away for Christmas vacations).

Of course, I get a call from our security company in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve that the shop had been broken into. I didn’t know what to do, I had no one to call and get advice from. I arrived at the shop shortly after one in the morning, and I had left voice mails on both of my boss’s phones.

Once I got to the shop I really didn’t know what to do. The police came and helped me. One of my colleagues answered my panicked phone calls and came to help me, bringing plywood with her from her dad. Together we put up plastic and plywood to board up the windows in the middle of the night.

My colleague knew how to bored up a window and walked me through it. What I learned is that installation is a two-person job, especially with large panels. If you don’t know how to bored up a window, here is what we did:

First we marked the location of the studs that were closest to each side of and underneath the window. We then cut each panel so that it would extend about one inch beyond the framing on each side of the window. We then held the plywood up against the opening of the window and drilled pilot holes into it and into the framing every 16 inches. We then screwed in all of the holes.

Boxing Day morning my manager called me back and gave me the number of our go –to glazier. They came and took care of everything for me. By the time my bosses came home, you would have never been able to tell that we were broken into.

This Christmas was definitely a learning experience for me, but I now feel prepared for if I should ever deal with a broken window or even a break in again in the future.

It is unbelievable how efficient the glaziers were once I called them, and they even commended me for the way we boarded up the windows.