How Does Double Glazing Work

You’ve most likely had double glazing installed in your house for a while now and never asked this concern.

And if you have not got double glazing, you’re missing out on so many fantastic benefits double glazed windows need to use.

Time out for a moment, while you proceed and take a look at the numerous window designs, colours and advantages the Double Glazing Network has to provide.

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How does double glazing work?

And the answer isn’t as easy as it might seem because double glazing is comprised of a wide variety of elements that factor into how it works, which we will be covering in this short article.

We’ll simplify and take a look at:

What is double glazing and what are the benefits?

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Minimised Energy Costs
  3. Increased Security
  4. Window opening options
  5. What are window energy scores?
  6. What is Low-E glass?

What Is Double Glazing And What Are The Benefits?

Double glazing is two window panes encapsulated together to form a strong and sustainable window.

In in between the two windows is argon gas which is used to keep warm air inside the property and stops it from getting away.

The 2nd window pane acts as more of a barrier to noise, keeping your house quiet and serene.

While there are lots of benefits to double glazing, we’ve limited 3 of the biggest advantages that house owners will get once they update from single to double glazed windows.

Energy Efficiency
Once double glazed windows are set up, your homes’ energy efficiency will instantly increase as the heat has no place to escape, whereas in the past, with single glazed windows, draughts enabled hot air to quickly leave, which is more than likely why you had your heating on running throughout the day.

With double glazed windows, you’ll discover that your house gets warmer quicker and the requirement to put the heating on is vastly decreased.

Decreased Energy Costs
In turn, you will see that your energy costs will be reduced significantly as you will begin conserving a lot more money through double glazing than you finished with single glazed windows.

Whilst the in advance expenses for double glazing to be set up are rather high, throughout the years, you will make your cash back and therefore, double glazing must be viewed as an investment rather than a heavy purchase.

Increased Security
One of the more apparent advantages is the increased security and security of your home.

If you’ve ever had single glazed windows or felt the single glass panel in the window, they feel really lightweight and might quickly be gotten into or unintentionally broken.

By setting up double glazing, the increased security will be enough to deter undesirable trespassers.

For more privacy, double glazing offers soundproofing and cancels a lot of sound. So that if you live in an overloaded location or near a main road, you will notice how peaceful and quiet your house instantly ends up being after setting up double glazing.

Many homes in the UK have double glazing, but 10% of the population is still without double glazing.

If you’re one of the few, we would extremely advise making the switch to not just delight in the benefits we pointed out above but to likewise make savings on your energy costs each month. Cash which could be much better spent somewhere else.

Window Opening Options
A frequently asked concern we often hear is that do the various window opening choices such as casement windows, tilt and turn and french windows, do they make a distinction to energy efficiency and personal privacy? Are casement windows more secure and private than tilt and turn?

The distinction between styles is marginal if not at all.

It doesn’t matter which double glazing window design you opt for as most of the windows that are made these days have to fulfill today’s building regulations and are primarily highly energy efficient and highly protected anyway.

That’s why there are a lot of various window designs offered because it’s more of a bespoke, specialised appeal to the house owner than an energy performance difference.

So you can select whichever double glazing window opening option you like and feel confident understanding that whichever style you pick will be durable and sustainable.

What are window energy ratings?
We’ve spoken about window energy scores before, however simply to give a quick introduction.

Window energy scores discuss through a colourful label developed by the BFRC the energy performance a windowpane has.

If you decide to go with an A ranked window, you’ll be investing in one of the best, most energy-efficient windows on the market today.

Whereas if budget plan is a problem, investing in a B or C rated window can still offer some of the advantages but may not be as energy-efficient as A rated windows are.

What is Low-E glass?
Low emissivity glass has actually been made to include a finishing to the glass which improves its thermal effectiveness through sunshine.

It helps manage the temperature inside the home and helps prevent hazardous infrared radiant energy emissions entering the home.

Whilst many property owners do not really require to be aware of the technical information of Low-E glass and how it’s produced, it’s still excellent to be knowledgeable about what it does and how it improves thermal energy whilst lowering harmful emissions.

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Which patio door should I select?

You might not know the difference in between a sliding outdoor patio door and a bi-folding outdoor patio door.

Don’t worry, that’s why we’ve put together this article to go over the different types of patio doors and which is the finest type of patio door you ought to choose for your house.

Prior to we go into the different kinds of patio area doors, there are some factors to consider you must keep in mind before acquiring your new outdoor patio doors

Consider the style of your house, do you live in a modern-day, new-build estate? Or do you reside in an old, traditional British house? Bifold doors may fit new construct homes more so than french doors But this eventually comes down to the homeowners’ choice.

It’s great to have a concept of which design you like the most and after that consider if you think it will harmonize the rest of your house.

You must likewise consider your budget, having something quite pricey such as aluminium bi-folding doors may be a little out of your range, whereas sliding patio doors might fit much more in your spending plan and might be the better option to opt for.

Whilst there are a lot more factors to consider you must have in terms of the double glazing installer you wind up choosing, the price you will ultimately end up paying and if you want the doors customisable or generic.

This article offers an introduction of the various patio area doors readily available and showcases the benefits of each.

French doors
French outdoor patio doors are elegant and simple. Opening outwards, offering the location the appeal of additional living space and “opening-up” to the garden.

Paired with casement windows and modern sealing, french doors are the ideal alternative for numerous property owners as they are ventilated in the summer season however retain heat in the winter season. Having a door that can use both and be versatile in various weather conditions is rare. So for the British temperatures throughout the year, french doors are a fantastic alternative.

Moving patio doors.
Maybe one of the most popular versions on the list, sliding outdoor patio doors are a function for lots of houses across the country.

It’s not difficult to see why with the big glass windows permitting full natural light to get in the house, it actually provides the property owner complete access to their garden throughout the day and value their garden in the evening too.

The method which the doors slide to the side mean that they’re inconspicuous and there is more room for loved ones and less chance of people breaking the doors or the glass if they were to open inwards or outwards.

As they slide to the side, this produces more living space internally and externally and is a terrific choice for summertime garden activities.

Bi-folding doors.
Where sliding outdoor patio doors still can’t be completely compressed and put away, bi-folding doors can easily be folded in a concertina-type fashion allowing supreme gain access to from house, to the garden with no blockage.

If you truly want to have nature at your doorstep and easily go from the house to the garden, bi-folding doors might be the very best choice for you.

As living area is maximised to its full potential, so is the ventilation throughout your house and can be a “breath of fresh air” particularly in the hotter months of the year.

With the modern sealing, it retains heat in the winter so you can even value the snow falling on your garden in the chillier months as you drink a cup of tea and get in the Christmas spirit.

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How to look after your doors and windows

One of the primary benefits of choosing uPVC windows is that they need next to no upkeep. Unlike traditional window materials such as wood or metal, which require multi-step cleansing procedures and get filthy much quicker, uPVC doors are practically problem-free.

We all want our houses to look good and tidy? Here’s a quick guide to cleaning your uPVC windows and doors.

Cleaning your frames

Depending upon how much time you have or how much dirt you’ve allowed to build up cleaning your window frames changes slightly. If all you’re aiming to do is remove a layer of dust, simply grab a dust fabric and wipe around the frame, it actually is that easy. If you require to go a bit much deeper just get a bucket and fill it with some soapy water, plus a washcloth and get it somewhat damp. Now offer your frame a thorough wipe down ensuring to wash your cloth to stop the spread of filthy water. As soon as you’re made with that, offer the frame a quick clean with a dry cloth and you’re all set.

Taking care of weather condition strips

Weatherstrips need no extra upkeep beyond regular cleansing, using a cloth to clean away dust will stop any dirt accumulation over time. Just like all silicon weather condition strips, you may want to buy some care products to prevent wear over time. Generally, however, these must last just as long as the window itself.

Doors And Window Lubrication

We advise that you cleaning your outside frames and sashes around twice annually, in addition to providing your hardware an oil top up if they begin to end up being sticky.

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What front door colour would match your house

Picking a front door for your home is most likely among the most enjoyable elements of any brand-new construct or remodelling job. It’s nearly like the finishing stamp on the residential or commercial property– the part that actually shows off your personality and sets off the remainder of the design.

Consider it: it’s the first thing that visitors see when they approach your home, and it’s the last thing you touch as you leave the house, so it needs to be spot on. You may like the idea of having the ability to direct visitors by saying “We’re the house with the huge red door”, for instance, or you may prefer a downplayed style that blends discreetly with the rest of your residential or commercial property. Whatever effect you’re looking for, here’s how to pick a front door colour that will fit your home.

Sticking with style

If you wish to stay with a safe option for your front door, then it might intrigue you to know that the most popular colours for front doors at the moment are red, blue, yellow, white, grey, black and wood grain. By choosing among these colours, a minimum of you know that you are following the fashion! There is a lot option for personalising front doors nowadays that, even if you pick a popular colour, you can still make it your own with individual touches.

Going strong

The best aspect of choosing colours for front doors is that you are totally free to get imaginative. For other elements of the home, such as window frames, you are maybe a little bit more restricted, as you require to match the frames to the overall character and tone of the house (unless you’re pleased to be bold and out there, obviously!). With the front door, it does not truly matter if it watches out of place– in fact, contrast is often good! There’s nothing incorrect with a Victorian townhouse having a bright purple door, for instance, or a period home opting for sunlight yellow. You are free to pick the colour that you love and that you desire people to see.

All in all, it’s truly approximately you what colour you select for your front door. There’s no mandatory guideline about how to select the ideal colour. Of course, if you wish to stick with a modern look, then tones of grey, blue and silver will work (and also wood grains and soft greens for conventional residential or commercial properties), but do not feel bound to a design. Just have fun!

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Timber vs uPVC Window Frames

A lot of homeowners only purchase windows once every 10-15 years, so when it’s time to choose the best frames, they need a refresher on new innovations and techniques. Timber window frames still retain the very same traditional looks, however production has actually moved on substantially. At the same time, we’re seeing uPVC windows that are advanced than the previous generation.

In truth, choosing between timber and uPVC isn’t easy, given that they are various in numerous ways, however the crucial features– like locks– are extremely comparable. Here are some essential aspects to consider before placing your order.


uPVC is popular since it needs extremely little upkeep, which is the crucial discomfort point when it pertains to timber frames.

While wood needs routine inspections, and a particular amount of TLC, uPVC windows just need a clean with a moist cloth from time to time.


Wood has a beautiful, classic look with lots of house owners will not jeopardise on. If you choose that aesthetic, you might believe the choice is simple. Nevertheless, uPVC frames can be made using extremely reasonable wood foils that look nearly as good as the genuine thing.

In addition to wood colours, uPVC can also be made in hundreds of RAL colours, from neons to traditional greys. That can open lots of fascinating possibilities, if you fancy a modification from standard white. Great deals of our consumers are opting for Chartwell Green this year, while slate always looks timeless any place it’s used.


In theory, uPVC windows need to last a life time, however if you’ve currently got uPVC, you might disagree. In truth, old uPVC windows can exhibit problems; you may have seen that your windows have turned a little yellow, or become misshapen in the sun.

Fortunately, contemporary manufacturing methods– and much better quality frames– guarantee that today’s uPVC windows don’t warp, split or get stuck.

Plainly, uPVC wins out over timber in most cases. That’s not to state that wood windows do not last, but they do need a lot more upkeep in order to reach their complete life expectancy. In reality, lots of homeowners don’t offer their lumber windows the attention they need.


In virtually all cases, uPVC windows will be less expensive than lumber, and also, less expensive than aluminium too. That’s one of the reasons that uPVC is so common. Like-for-like, uPVC windows been available in at around three quarters of the rate of wood, which is why numerous people have switched to them.

Personal Choices

Is it worth the conserving? Is uPVC a legitimate replacement for timber? Similar to lots of house enhancements, the most essential aspect is the look you want to achieve. We can certainly replicate wood with uPVC, but for some house owners, only the genuine thing will do.

If you’re prepared to invest money and time in wood, it will serve you well for many years. If you prefer benefit, or you want a more versatile option of colours, then uPVC may be a better option.

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Understand Sash Window Renovations

When it comes to duration homes, sash windows are typically considered among their most captivating features.

However, if they’ve fallen into disrepair, it’s essential to ensure they’re expertly restored in order to optimise their appeal and every day function.

Time-honoured timber or undeviating uPVC?

As an ubiquitous feature of Georgian and Victorian properties, sash windows were initially made in wood.

In 2016, however, initial, and even changed, windows are generally revealing signs of wear and tear. They also jeopardise the energy efficiency, security and maintenance requirements of the structures in which they’re set up.

For that reason, homeowner should provide cautious consideration concerning whether to opt for a lumber window replacement or to take the uPVC path.

Timber and uPVC naturally come with their own unique set of functions and advantages, with lots of believing wood to be more aesthetically pleasing and understanding to its historic environment. uPVC, nevertheless, provides homeowner a low maintenance and energy efficient choice, combined with its period styling.

Ultimately, which choice you choose is a matter of individual choice. What might be of prime value to one property owner will be different for another. Any excellent window company will recommend you on your options so you can pick a way forward that’s right for you.

Replacement sash windows: what’s typically included?

The scale and scope of such a task is dependent on the current condition of your windows.

If your wooden sash windows have actually been replaced in the last 10 years, for instance, it could well be that the repair will be more a question of maintenance– i.e. dealing with the wood with sanding, painting and varnishing.

More archaic windows may require a full-scale repair work or a whole replacement. Where this is the case, the following list information potential elements of the project. You might need to look at the following:-

  • Carry out any required visual modifications;
  • Examine the weights and sheaves of the window to guarantee they’re working as they should;
  • Fit draught-minimising brushes and beads;
  • Check the windows thoroughly;
  • Set up brand-new ropes;
  • Prepare the area in question to prevent mess;
  • Eliminate rot from sills and boxes;
  • Eliminate the windows entirely;
  • Repair work or change the timber; and/or
  • Change damaged catches.

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The Ultimate Guide to Composite Doors

When seeking to upgrade the appearance of your property or replace old fittings, there are so many different kinds of doors you can choose from. One of the most popular items set up are composite doors, however some house owners want to know more before investing in these high quality products. Here’s our guide to some of the most common concerns we get asked about composite doors and why they’re so popular with our clients .

What Are Composite Doors?

Wooden doors were when highly popular for their durable nature and lovely appearance, acting as the ideal fit for duration houses in addition to more recent properties. Nevertheless, the significant disadvantage to wood doors is the high level of maintenance required to keep their condition and appearance. They might even need to be repainted regularly and can be vulnerable to damage just as any wooden items are. As an excellent option, composite materials which mix components such as PVC, polyurethane foam and hardwood create a door which looks like genuine wood, however has all the advantages which feature modern items.

Where Should They Be Installed?

You can choose composite doors for anywhere you like, however the most common place to install them remains in your front door location. You might set up a composite front door as part of a complete patio makeover, a job to change several of your windows and doors or as a standalone product. You may also choose to change your front and back doors at the same time if you’re wanting to decrease continuous issues you have such as draughts or security issues. If you utilise a respectable window and door business, they’ll have the ability to supply and set up composite front door styles from leading makers which include the functionality needed for any home. This includes thermal effectiveness for a warm home and high security functions to stop would-be burglars in their tracks.

Do You Have to Stick to One Style?

House owners typically fret that composite doors are quite standard in look– consider your standard door with a knocker and letterbox. Composite products are completely flexible, creating a variety of looks, including modern, sleek looking doors which look excellent versus the most contemporary and trendy of residential or commercial properties. You can likewise create special looking doors by completely customising the appearance from patterned glass or solid panels to fanlights, hardware and a substantial choice of colours and finishing results. This indicates whatever the style of your residential or commercial property, there are terrific alternatives for you.

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The Most Desirable Back Door Features

When searching for the right patio area door styles, there are a range of choices for house owners, including moving doors, bi-folds and French doors. If you’re thinking about brand-new back entrances, an excellent place to begin is to consider the functions you desire, helping to narrow down the kinds of items appropriate for your needs. Back doors are different from front doors since they frequently open into a personal location such as a garden, so views and natural light might take priority over privacy, for example.

Here are some of the most desirable back entrance functions:-

Expert guide to assist you pick your new back entrances. We take a look at functions such as views, natural light, access, area saving, attractive designs, low maintenance & security. Vast array of back doors & patio area doors available.

If you want to attain expansive views and let maximum natural light into your spaces, try to find back doors which have the biggest area of glass available. If you have a big opening space, aluminium sliding doors are a fantastic option for their capability to create a continuous, glass wall effect in your house. Constantly select glazing which has a low u-value, guaranteeing your property stays as energy efficient as possible.


If you like spending quality time in your garden, flow between in and out is essential to think about. Bi-folds can open up the entryway totally with each door panel folding onto the other, so nothing is left in the door area. You do not need to open the doors totally, so you’ll have flexibility to control air flow and access.

Area Saving

Many house owners wish to guarantee their doors don’t include a ‘large’ feature to the back of their property or take up a lot of space when open. If choosing bi-folding doors, however do not want them to take up a lot of space, you might ask for narrower door panels or an external opening setup. Moving doors remain within the door track, so will not use up a lot of area, particularly if selecting narrow frames similar to aluminium items.


Every entry point into your home could be a target for intruders, so your back door is no various. With garden security frequently a hot topic throughout the warmer months, it’s important that you do not offer opportunistic thieves more chances to prosper. Make certain that any items have high security features, including multi-locking systems, robust hinges and barrel locks, in addition to being completely strengthened.

Appealing Style

Whether searching for conventional or contemporary styles, a lot of homeowners want a variety of attractive options to match the style of their home. Ensure you find a collection of back doors which enable you to customise aspects such as their colour, hardware and finishing impacts. French doors are among the most timeless looking choices, but you can discover an array of designs readily available.

Low Maintenance

If your patio doors are something you frequently use, ease of use is a must. Try to find a product which stresses smooth opening and quality. The frames you choose ought to also be made from a low maintenance material such as uPVC or aluminium which simply require to be wiped tidy to keep them looking as good as brand-new– no repainting or sanding required.

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Selecting the best composite front door for your house

Choose the ideal composite front doorImagine you are walking up to a gorgeous home through a cool front garden. As you get closer, you see the front door is old, broken and peeling. Does it change your impression of the house– perhaps even individuals who live there? Possibilities are, it does.

The front door is among the first things visitors see, making it an essential part of any home’s general look. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a front door that not just represents your individual tastes, but also blends perfectly with the design of your house.

What look finest matches your home?

Composite doors offer all the great looks and durable feel of a wooden door but with none of the upkeep headaches– and this makes them ideal for a huge range of homes, from modern houses to duration cottages. With a large choice of colours, designs and finishes available, it’s easy to discover one to match your home.

Start by considering the age and style of your residential or commercial property, and surrounding properties. Would a strong, modern-day style work best or is a heritage design more in keeping with the building’s character. Likewise pay cautious attention to the colours and products currently present on the outside of your property, including the colour and style of the existing windows. A deep grey door, for instance, looks wonderful against crisp white making.

Add an individual touch

Your front door should show your tastes, just as much as the design and furnishings inside the house. Once you’ve selected the general style, colour and finish, you can personalise your new door with decorative glass and other choices, like letterboxes, door knockers and deals with. Remember that your front door will be with you for decades, so you wish to produce an uniquely individual design that you love, which sets the tone for the rest of your house.

Consider your security and energy requirements

When buying any brand-new front door, it’s essential to talk with your supplier about your energy and security requirements; for example, if your house is especially draughty (or on a loud street maybe), you’ll wish to ensure your new front door offers really high levels of insulation. Composite doors are extremely thermally efficient, and they’re amongst the most safe and secure doors on the marketplace, making them a great choice for smart house owners. Features like multi-point locks, which keep the door safe in a number of places, provide extra assurance.

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Reducing noise intrusions with Double Glazing

There are a variety of reasons that you might require a noise-reduction solution for your home. You might reside in a flat that is located at street-level, and be able to hear whenever somebody walks past having a conversation. Your house might be on a busy roadway, so that you are constantly interfered with by traffic noises. You might survive on the very same street as a dynamic bar, club or dining establishment. Or perhaps a railway line runs parallel to the end of your garden. Whatever it is triggering the noise outside your home, it is important to stop it entering into your living space, as you require to be able to relax and have a little peaceful in your house. That’s why, if you have single glazing, then you must consider upgrading to double glazing

Here’s whatever you require to understand about decreasing sound invasions with double glazing.

How does double glazing reduce sound pollution?

When it pertains to stopping noise from getting in, it is not the glass itself that does the work– it is the gas that fills the spaces between the panes. The gas (either dehydrated air or an inert gas like argon, xenon or krypton) has low acoustic conductivity, which means that sound can not take a trip through it successfully. Compared to single glazing, which does not include a layer of gas, double glazing offers outstanding insulation against external sound pollution, helping to make sure that you get unbroken sleep and some peace and quiet!

Updating your windows with double glazing.

If you have single-glazed windows in your house, then upgrading them to double glazing is an easy procedure. In fact, new builds are now fitted with double glazing as basic, in accordance with structure policies in the UK, which state that any new or replacement glazing should attain an energy score of at least C (and, thus, a good level of soundproofing).

If the factor that you still have single glazing is that you live in a period residential or commercial property, sanctuary or listed structure, then you may have to gain preparation consent from your local preparation authority prior to you update your windows to double glazing. If this holds true, then you have a couple of choices readily available to you. You could propose setting up Residence 9 timber imitation windows, which are ideal for satisfying the planning authority’s request for a like-for-like replacement. Or, if you are unable to upgrade to double glazing, then you could consider setting up secondary glazing, as this would supply reputable soundproofing without actually altering the original window.

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