DIY How to box in pipes in vertical & horizontal pipes in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Building a cool pipe boxing is a terrific method to conceal unsightly pipelines that plumbings have actually had to retro in shape onto the walls. These are usually vertical, coming right out of the ceiling or floor however can likewise run horizontally too.

If you do a neat job, your pipe boxing can fit in really well and not watch out of location even if it is in a kitchen or bathroom where it is likely to be seen.

A pipe box can be finished with paint, wallpaper, cladding and even tiled so that it fits in and isn’t an eye aching.

When you make a pipeline boxing in a Bathroom, Kitchen or other possibly humid area a tight fit is important in addition to sealing sufficiently in order to avoid wet getting in and causing mould to grow behind/inside package.

Normally prevent using MDF to box pipelines in Bathrooms/Kitchens/Laundry space etc. unless you use wetness resistant MDF. If you cant use marine grade ply wood for the boxing, then I would at least paint it with outside grade paints simply to be safe.

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