How Does Double Glazing Work

You’ve most likely had double glazing installed in your house for a while now and never asked this concern.

And if you have not got double glazing, you’re missing out on so many fantastic benefits double glazed windows need to use.

Time out for a moment, while you proceed and take a look at the numerous window designs, colours and advantages the Double Glazing Network has to provide.

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How does double glazing work?

And the answer isn’t as easy as it might seem because double glazing is comprised of a wide variety of elements that factor into how it works, which we will be covering in this short article.

We’ll simplify and take a look at:

What is double glazing and what are the benefits?

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Minimised Energy Costs
  3. Increased Security
  4. Window opening options
  5. What are window energy scores?
  6. What is Low-E glass?

What Is Double Glazing And What Are The Benefits?

Double glazing is two window panes encapsulated together to form a strong and sustainable window.

In in between the two windows is argon gas which is used to keep warm air inside the property and stops it from getting away.

The 2nd window pane acts as more of a barrier to noise, keeping your house quiet and serene.

While there are lots of benefits to double glazing, we’ve limited 3 of the biggest advantages that house owners will get once they update from single to double glazed windows.

Energy Efficiency
Once double glazed windows are set up, your homes’ energy efficiency will instantly increase as the heat has no place to escape, whereas in the past, with single glazed windows, draughts enabled hot air to quickly leave, which is more than likely why you had your heating on running throughout the day.

With double glazed windows, you’ll discover that your house gets warmer quicker and the requirement to put the heating on is vastly decreased.

Decreased Energy Costs
In turn, you will see that your energy costs will be reduced significantly as you will begin conserving a lot more money through double glazing than you finished with single glazed windows.

Whilst the in advance expenses for double glazing to be set up are rather high, throughout the years, you will make your cash back and therefore, double glazing must be viewed as an investment rather than a heavy purchase.

Increased Security
One of the more apparent advantages is the increased security and security of your home.

If you’ve ever had single glazed windows or felt the single glass panel in the window, they feel really lightweight and might quickly be gotten into or unintentionally broken.

By setting up double glazing, the increased security will be enough to deter undesirable trespassers.

For more privacy, double glazing offers soundproofing and cancels a lot of sound. So that if you live in an overloaded location or near a main road, you will notice how peaceful and quiet your house instantly ends up being after setting up double glazing.

Many homes in the UK have double glazing, but 10% of the population is still without double glazing.

If you’re one of the few, we would extremely advise making the switch to not just delight in the benefits we pointed out above but to likewise make savings on your energy costs each month. Cash which could be much better spent somewhere else.

Window Opening Options
A frequently asked concern we often hear is that do the various window opening choices such as casement windows, tilt and turn and french windows, do they make a distinction to energy efficiency and personal privacy? Are casement windows more secure and private than tilt and turn?

The distinction between styles is marginal if not at all.

It doesn’t matter which double glazing window design you opt for as most of the windows that are made these days have to fulfill today’s building regulations and are primarily highly energy efficient and highly protected anyway.

That’s why there are a lot of various window designs offered because it’s more of a bespoke, specialised appeal to the house owner than an energy performance difference.

So you can select whichever double glazing window opening option you like and feel confident understanding that whichever style you pick will be durable and sustainable.

What are window energy ratings?
We’ve spoken about window energy scores before, however simply to give a quick introduction.

Window energy scores discuss through a colourful label developed by the BFRC the energy performance a windowpane has.

If you decide to go with an A ranked window, you’ll be investing in one of the best, most energy-efficient windows on the market today.

Whereas if budget plan is a problem, investing in a B or C rated window can still offer some of the advantages but may not be as energy-efficient as A rated windows are.

What is Low-E glass?
Low emissivity glass has actually been made to include a finishing to the glass which improves its thermal effectiveness through sunshine.

It helps manage the temperature inside the home and helps prevent hazardous infrared radiant energy emissions entering the home.

Whilst many property owners do not really require to be aware of the technical information of Low-E glass and how it’s produced, it’s still excellent to be knowledgeable about what it does and how it improves thermal energy whilst lowering harmful emissions.

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