How to plan a Kitchen area

Below is the most essential thing when kitchen area fitting. Your Spirit Level needs to be exactly in the middle of those 2 lines – whatever needs to be perfectly plumb and level. If not, cabinet doors will be impossible to line up, tiles may not line up right and you’ll be in for all sorts of problem.

Frequently with off the shelf kitchens the flat pack or pre-built kitchen cabinets been available in incremental size widths (most commonly 300, 400, 450, 500, 600 & 900mm) and these will seldom fit completely between the walls in a house. In these instances the remaining area depending upon the size can be either blocked off with an infill or if large adequate made use of into a tray area (bit dated), towel hanging or a white wine rack/shelves for instance.

At some time unless the customer is having granite counter tops you will require to cut and fit the formica worktops also. This is done using a router and unique jig, and will consist of eliminating holes for the hob and sink/ drainer. The cooking area counters are glued and then clamped up together from below using unique bolts.

Kitchen cabinet end panels
The style of your kitchen area might consist of end panels that are fixed to the sides of the cabinet. Normally these are flush with the front of the doors edge, the same height as the cabinet and can go all the way to the flooring. They are a terrific method to complete the row of systems if there is no wall and also help to define a space for a dishwashing machine or washing machine by having one either side. On top of that, they likewise supply a neat method to complete your plinths as these can butt into completion panels rather than returning down the side of your cabinets.

If you are installing end panels to your kitchen cabinets do not forget to include the density when setting out your cabinets on the wall and also make certain they are set up prior to you cut your worktops!

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