How to look after your doors and windows

One of the primary benefits of choosing uPVC windows is that they need next to no upkeep. Unlike traditional window materials such as wood or metal, which require multi-step cleansing procedures and get filthy much quicker, uPVC doors are practically problem-free.

We all want our houses to look good and tidy? Here’s a quick guide to cleaning your uPVC windows and doors.

Cleaning your frames

Depending upon how much time you have or how much dirt you’ve allowed to build up cleaning your window frames changes slightly. If all you’re aiming to do is remove a layer of dust, simply grab a dust fabric and wipe around the frame, it actually is that easy. If you require to go a bit much deeper just get a bucket and fill it with some soapy water, plus a washcloth and get it somewhat damp. Now offer your frame a thorough wipe down ensuring to wash your cloth to stop the spread of filthy water. As soon as you’re made with that, offer the frame a quick clean with a dry cloth and you’re all set.

Taking care of weather condition strips

Weatherstrips need no extra upkeep beyond regular cleansing, using a cloth to clean away dust will stop any dirt accumulation over time. Just like all silicon weather condition strips, you may want to buy some care products to prevent wear over time. Generally, however, these must last just as long as the window itself.

Doors And Window Lubrication

We advise that you cleaning your outside frames and sashes around twice annually, in addition to providing your hardware an oil top up if they begin to end up being sticky.

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