Timber vs uPVC Window Frames

A lot of homeowners only purchase windows once every 10-15 years, so when it’s time to choose the best frames, they need a refresher on new innovations and techniques. Timber window frames still retain the very same traditional looks, however production has actually moved on substantially. At the same time, we’re seeing uPVC windows that are advanced than the previous generation.

In truth, choosing between timber and uPVC isn’t easy, given that they are various in numerous ways, however the crucial features– like locks– are extremely comparable. Here are some essential aspects to consider before placing your order.


uPVC is popular since it needs extremely little upkeep, which is the crucial discomfort point when it pertains to timber frames.

While wood needs routine inspections, and a particular amount of TLC, uPVC windows just need a clean with a moist cloth from time to time.


Wood has a beautiful, classic look with lots of house owners will not jeopardise on. If you choose that aesthetic, you might believe the choice is simple. Nevertheless, uPVC frames can be made using extremely reasonable wood foils that look nearly as good as the genuine thing.

In addition to wood colours, uPVC can also be made in hundreds of RAL colours, from neons to traditional greys. That can open lots of fascinating possibilities, if you fancy a modification from standard white. Great deals of our consumers are opting for Chartwell Green this year, while slate always looks timeless any place it’s used.


In theory, uPVC windows need to last a life time, however if you’ve currently got uPVC, you might disagree. In truth, old uPVC windows can exhibit problems; you may have seen that your windows have turned a little yellow, or become misshapen in the sun.

Fortunately, contemporary manufacturing methods– and much better quality frames– guarantee that today’s uPVC windows don’t warp, split or get stuck.

Plainly, uPVC wins out over timber in most cases. That’s not to state that wood windows do not last, but they do need a lot more upkeep in order to reach their complete life expectancy. In reality, lots of homeowners don’t offer their lumber windows the attention they need.


In virtually all cases, uPVC windows will be less expensive than lumber, and also, less expensive than aluminium too. That’s one of the reasons that uPVC is so common. Like-for-like, uPVC windows been available in at around three quarters of the rate of wood, which is why numerous people have switched to them.

Personal Choices

Is it worth the conserving? Is uPVC a legitimate replacement for timber? Similar to lots of house enhancements, the most essential aspect is the look you want to achieve. We can certainly replicate wood with uPVC, but for some house owners, only the genuine thing will do.

If you’re prepared to invest money and time in wood, it will serve you well for many years. If you prefer benefit, or you want a more versatile option of colours, then uPVC may be a better option.

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