Understand Sash Window Renovations

When it comes to duration homes, sash windows are typically considered among their most captivating features.

However, if they’ve fallen into disrepair, it’s essential to ensure they’re expertly restored in order to optimise their appeal and every day function.

Time-honoured timber or undeviating uPVC?

As an ubiquitous feature of Georgian and Victorian properties, sash windows were initially made in wood.

In 2016, however, initial, and even changed, windows are generally revealing signs of wear and tear. They also jeopardise the energy efficiency, security and maintenance requirements of the structures in which they’re set up.

For that reason, homeowner should provide cautious consideration concerning whether to opt for a lumber window replacement or to take the uPVC path.

Timber and uPVC naturally come with their own unique set of functions and advantages, with lots of believing wood to be more aesthetically pleasing and understanding to its historic environment. uPVC, nevertheless, provides homeowner a low maintenance and energy efficient choice, combined with its period styling.

Ultimately, which choice you choose is a matter of individual choice. What might be of prime value to one property owner will be different for another. Any excellent window company will recommend you on your options so you can pick a way forward that’s right for you.

Replacement sash windows: what’s typically included?

The scale and scope of such a task is dependent on the current condition of your windows.

If your wooden sash windows have actually been replaced in the last 10 years, for instance, it could well be that the repair will be more a question of maintenance– i.e. dealing with the wood with sanding, painting and varnishing.

More archaic windows may require a full-scale repair work or a whole replacement. Where this is the case, the following list information potential elements of the project. You might need to look at the following:-

  • Carry out any required visual modifications;
  • Examine the weights and sheaves of the window to guarantee they’re working as they should;
  • Fit draught-minimising brushes and beads;
  • Check the windows thoroughly;
  • Set up brand-new ropes;
  • Prepare the area in question to prevent mess;
  • Eliminate rot from sills and boxes;
  • Eliminate the windows entirely;
  • Repair work or change the timber; and/or
  • Change damaged catches.

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